Teaching with Class Adda
    Teachers are like molders for students, one who mould their students with values and disciplines and prepare them to face the society with an upright look. Teachers here at Class Adda can make immense use of the services provided to have better interactions with their students. Teachers may find it difficult to tackle students and pay attention to each and every child and so here we make your work easy. Class Adda makes way for easier interaction and aid in enhancing growth of the students and teachers too.

Connect with your students and owner simultaneously
    You can directly interact with each and every student and mark them on their progress in study. You can also get in touch with the class owner through the website. There is great use of technology and education system is also one of it, so with the blend of great techniques we have tried to reduce your workload. This direct interaction between the students, class owners and teachers minimizes the possibility of miscommunication.

Delegate notes online
    You can upload your notes on portal and set yourself free from paper load. Your notes will be safe and always in your account. You can share your notes on the site with your students. You can also plan the lessons and let student know about the next class. You can upload some video which will help the students to know about the particular concept properly and identify its practical appearance.

Generate online tests
    Class Adda provides teachers one of the most effective podiums to test the intellect of the students through objective tests. These objective tests provide instant results that enable the teachers as well as students understand their progress. Generation of tests takes a minimal time. You just need to upload the test and assign it either to a particular student or the entire batch. This process helps in tapping the progress of the students on regular basis.

Group Discussion
    Class Adda provides the students with an opportunity to discuss the academics in groups which includes students as well as professors. Here the students can directly get his doubts cleared from the teachers thus saving both teachers and students time in the class. This one to one conversation between the teacher and students can also lead to improvement in his teaching pattern.

Trace Student’s progress
    Class Adda provides the students with progress report feature that aids in gauging the progress of the students. As the website helps connect with each and every student, teacher has the option of studying the weakness and strengths of every student and according plan the teaching style for the group of students.

Class Owner
Classes have become an integral of our education system. They are spread in almost every nook and corner of the country.

Class Adda sets a stage where you can have one to one communication with your class mates, class owner or professors.

Teachers are like molders for students, one who mould their students with values and disciplines and prepare them to face the society with an upright look.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” by Nelson Mandela. To pursue education, one requires a proper guidance for their future thus educational counselors are one of the most important parts of any student life for efficient guidance.

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