Class Adda sets a stage where you can have one to one communication with your class mates, class owner or professors. If students are provided with the best benefits they will enjoy their studies to the core. Class Adda justifies with its tagline of “Connect with your class anywhere anytime” as you can help yourself with all the important sources for your studies. It gives you the platform to explore your ideas and share your knowledge with your fellow mates. Sharing knowledge actually increases your knowledge.

Students will be provided with 24/7 online services. Here they can make themselves comfortable and share their problems related to studies. We here at Class Adda we have many things simple to you so that study is no longer an hectic schedule for you. Students enjoy the best benefits offered by us:

  • No Communication Gap – When you build communication gap it leads to misunderstanding. If you have any doubt about the studies or you are not able to understand particular topic you can have direct contact with your professors and they will guide you with the same. If students want to discuss about their personal problems with the class owner he can get in touch with him on Class Adda portal. You can also have discussions with your classmate for study purpose.

  • Share your notes – Many times it happens when you want the notes to be on your table but it is not actually in their place. Here, Class Adda helps you to share your notes on our site and maintain it so that you’re free of tension. You can anytime download assignments and start studying. The notes can be shared by anyone, at the same time one should keep in mind about the accuracy of the knowledge included in the notes.

  • Brush up your brain – Learn to understand the topic so that you find it easy to grasp. We have provided an option where you can perform for online test or you can challenge your classmates to appear for test. You have time limitations in test which will increase your speed of thinking and after the appearance of test you will be provided with instant results. It helps to improve your intellectual skills.

  • Get Alerts – Class Adda provides you with alert messages of your respective classes. Through SMS and Email facility you will get to know your class activity which may include suddenly changed schedule of classes, notes update or assignments.

  • Knock the doubt – If the student comes across any doubt about studies he can solve his queries through sources provided on this site like E-mails, Message, Blogs or Forum Discussions. The professors will help you out with it and your identity will also be secured at the same time.

  • Moderator and Career Counselor – Class Adda organizes moderator for you who will guide you with the examination sessions. They will advice you with the tips of earning marks through simple options. The career counselors aid you in choosing the profession according to your interest which will also depend on the student’s annual performance.

We here, at Class Adda assure you that your child will enjoy studies and develop his intellectual skills. At the same time students will also improve their communications skills. Parents will also be informed about their child’s performance. Child will understand his responsibility towards studies and we are happy to give support for the same.

Class Owner
Classes have become an integral of our education system. They are spread in almost every nook and corner of the country.

Class Adda sets a stage where you can have one to one communication with your class mates, class owner or professors.

Teachers are like molders for students, one who mould their students with values and disciplines and prepare them to face the society with an upright look.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” by Nelson Mandela. To pursue education, one requires a proper guidance for their future thus educational counselors are one of the most important parts of any student life for efficient guidance.

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