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Class Adda A Step Ahead
    Classes have become an integral of our education system. They are spread in almost every nook and corner of the country. Every student, from genius to average mostly opts for classes to sharpen his intellect and match up the pace of the rapid education system. Managing Class is not everyone’s cup of tea. Class Owner has to undertake wide range of meticulous tasks, right from organizing the students to managing their progress record to administering the professor’s work. However this work can now be done at just your finger tips, thanks to Class Adda.

Administering students and teachers
    One of the basic responsibilities of the Class Owner entails administration of the students and teachers. A class owner needs to keep a trace of the progress of the students as well as teachers. Class Adda provides the owner with an opportunity to get in touch with students and teachers online. One can tab the progress of the students on one hand while keeping a track on progress of particular professor on the other. Thus one can have complete check on the working of the class.

Keep informed and updated
    A normal academic year in the class inculcates wide range of development and news which holds prominent importance from a student’s point of view. The details are displayed on the notice board of the class. However at times students overlook the notice board, Class Adda will be of great aid to students at such stage as the notice and developments are directly posted to students accounts. If a new change is incorporated in the class it directly goes to universal wall of the students as well as professors thus keeping them informed and updated.

Customize your class
    Class Adda provides you an opportunity to customize your Class virtually. You can include your personalized logo and other details in order to customize Class Adda into your webpage. It provides you with complete liberty to use the benefits and features at your personalized leisure. Right from organizing your branch to batches, from students to teachers Class Adda provides you a user friendly interface to communicate and co-ordinate with students and professors.

An overall Development for your Students
    Class Adda provides the owner with various facilities like counselor guidance which aids in resolving almost all the problems of the students, be it academic or personal. Thus it leads to the progress of the students. With the top scoring students being acknowledged, Class Adda creates a healthy competition amongst the students. Sharing of study material online helps both the students and professor to get in touch with academics at their leisure while online tests help to sharpen their intellect thus resulting in overall developments of your students.

Class Owner
Classes have become an integral of our education system. They are spread in almost every nook and corner of the country.

Class Adda sets a stage where you can have one to one communication with your class mates, class owner or professors.

Teachers are like molders for students, one who mould their students with values and disciplines and prepare them to face the society with an upright look.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” by Nelson Mandela. To pursue education, one requires a proper guidance for their future thus educational counselors are one of the most important parts of any student life for efficient guidance.

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